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    widgetsmith官方版是一款十分不錯的功率東西類手機軟件,你可以在widgetsmith軟件上找到各種運用插件。感興趣的小伙伴們快來下載widgetsmith app試試吧!













    v4.4.2This update brings with it the 2023 Summer Collection of themes. All of these are made to celebrate the newly added Womprat font. This font is a beautifully crafted combination of futuristic origins and versatile forms.v4.4.1Building on the overwhelming popularity of the music widgets, this update adds the ability to set the played music to either Shuffle or Repeat as you prefer.v4.4This update adds a brand new exciting widget type, *Music Widgets!* These widgets let everyone showcase their favorite music right on your home screen. Search for your favorite Album, Playlist or Song in the widget editor, or choose from a personalized selection of music recommendations. Plus, if you're an Apple Music subscriber when you tap on the widget it will automatically start to play.v4.3This update adds a new type of album widget, Most Recent in Album.

    The idea for this widget came from a user who wanted to have a privacy focused method for ambiently sharing photos with their loved one.

    In their case they have a shared iCloud photo album into which they add photos of things they see which remind them of their spouse. They wanted to then be able to add a widget on their spouses iPhone which dynamically showed the latest of these.

    I loved the idea and so added it to Widgetsmith. This is built completely on iCloud Photo Sharing, Widgetsmith never shares or uploads your photos itself.v4.2.1Small update to fix issues with weather data display.v4.2When I launched Widgetsmith on September 16, 2020, I had no idea what was coming. That Widgetsmith would lead the wave of iPhone customization and bring so much joy, to so many.

    Widgetsmith just had its *100 millionth download*. A number that I find truly staggering to consider.

    To think that something I built in my basement could reach and enrich so many people's lives is genuinely overwhelming.

    Thank you for being one of those 100 million and choosing to make Widgetsmith part of your life. Widgetsmith could never have gotten to this point without people like you sharing it with their friends and family. You are a part of something really special.

    To celebrate this momentous occasion I wanted to do something special. So I've been hard at work adding a new way to make your widgets even more awesome, *Gradient Backgrounds*.

    This new widget background type lets you elevate your aesthetic in a whole new way. Specially for this celebration I've added a handful of golden gradient themes, free for everyone, because why not celebrate with a bit of bling.

    Then, for Widgetsmith Premium subscribers, I've added a who bunch of premium gradient themes and the ability to edit the gradients however you'd like.

    You can adjust the number of colors, gradient angle and offset. Adjust the gradient exactly how you'd like it.v4.1.4Just in time for Valentine's Day I've added a collection of heart shaped themes.v4.1.3I've added a New Year's Fireworks theme and a couple of snowy themes to get us through the winter.v4.1.2Minor bugfix to address a rendering issue introduced in the last update.v4.1.0Pull on your Christmas Sweater and cozy up next to the fire, the Christmas Collection is here! A range of new widget styles to liven up your home screen this Christmas season.v4.0.11This update is focused around filling in some gaps in the widget options including:
    - A Date & Time medium widget
    - Wind speed & Direction widgets
    - A Week Number Lock Screen widget
    - More Battery options
    - and improves the rendering of the help videos.v4.0.9I've improved the structure of the Help tab to make it more helpful and clear.v4.0.8Lots of fixes in this update:
    - Fix Lock Screen text widgets not opening relevant tools
    - Fix Location names not getting updated in widgets after edit
    - Open the Calendar tool for Date widgets
    - Fix for Symbolic Moon Widget display in Home Screen widgets
    - Add simpler clock index styles showing only hour ticksv4.0.7With Halloween just around the corner I wanted to add one more theme to the Autumn Collection, Candy Corn!v4.0.5- A fix for a situation where some widgets would turn gray when several timed widgets are used
    - Add the ability to export the Autumn Collection as wallpapers (bottom of Tools tab)v4. allows for multi-line rectangular widgets on the Lock Screen and fixes a typo.

    New in Version 4.0:
    - An improved widget editor to make widget creation and configuration simpler and more intuitive.
    - Widgetsmith provides a wide array of lock screen widgets in all of the new styles.
    - The ability to isolate the people in images from their background and import images with transparency.
    - A robust set of new tools that which automatically launch within Widgetsmith whenever a widget is tapped. These are contextual to each widget. For example, tapping on a weather widget brings up the weather forecast for the selected location.v3.2.1This update fixes a long running issue where certain images would appear flipped when added to widgets. It also addresses an issue where widgets had their borders skew.v3.2The next of the seasonal theme collections is here! The summer themes are all inspired around the concept of the Summer Blockbuster. Just like different movies fit with a particular mood, these themes cover a variety of looks. Plus a handful of brand new fonts!v3.1.2Quick bug fix to address a crash that slipped into the last build.v3.1This version adds three major new widgets:
    - On This Day Widgets, show a random photo taken on this day in year's past
    - Air Quality Widgets and Tool, shows the air quality details and index
    - Pollen Widgets and Tool, shows the active pollen types and plants for your locationv3.0.1- Added Help walkthroughs to help get people started
    - Fixes for Date labels in certain languagesv3.0This update is featured around two major updates:
    - The introduction of seasonal collections. The Spring 2022 Collection is here! I'll be rolling out theme packs at the start of each season, designed to give your phone a new fresh look.
    - The weather tool has been completely overhauled to supercharge your weather widgets. Now whenever you tap on a weather widget you'll be presented with a rich, graphical forecast of the selected location. This includes hourly, daily and radar weather data.

    Additionally a new set of fonts has been added to give your a variety of new styling options.v2.8.6This is a small update to fix an issue where calendar widgets would get strange black lines along the their top with certain events.v2.8.5Fix for a bug that could cause Widgetsmith to freeze up when the Photo permission was turned off.v2.8.4- Fixes to the "Recent Widget Photos" tool to make it more reliable
    - Fix to allow Moon Phase background changesv2.8.3This update adds the ability for you to see photos recently displayed in "Photos in Album" widgets. So if you see a photo you want to favorite or share just tap into the app, open the Tools area and then browse.v2. fixes a crashing issue on older OS versions.

    New in version 2.8 you can now apply Photo Filters to all photo based widgets. These allow you to style your photos as shown within your widgets, without having to filter/style the original images. So you can make the widget fit your aesthetic with just a few taps.

    The update also adds a handful of new analog clock styles and improves their rendering on latest updates.v2. is a minor update to fix a situation where Photo Album widgets wouldn't load.

    v2.8's marquee feature is the addition of Photo Filters to all photo based widgets. These allow you to style your photos as shown within your widgets, without having to filter/style the original images. So you can make the widget fit your aesthetic with just a few taps.

    The update also adds a handful of new analog clock styles and improves their rendering on latest updates.v2.7.4Fix for Time based widgets that didn't correctly update after Daylight Savings changes.
    Better Help and Support optionsv2.7.3This update contains a number of fixes and improvements to the Widgetsmith Premium purchasing system to provide a more reliable purchase experience. It also addresses a situation where your Widgetsmith Premium features would continue to be accessible after your subscription had ended.v2.7.1This is just a quick update to fix a crashing bug that could occur on iOS 15.

    New in 2.7
    This update marks one year since Widgetsmith's release. I am incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement I've received this past year. It has helped spur me forward to keep making Widgetsmith better and better. This update is the next step in that process with two big aims:
    - iPad support has been dramatically improved, supporting the new Extra Large widget size and the adding of widgets directly on your home screen (on compatible devices)
    - The Album widget has also been overhauled and is now much easier to find the photos you want to display
    - It also adds a lot of general compatibility and performance improvements.

    Thank you!v2.7This update marks one year since Widgetsmith's release. I am incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement I've received this past year. It has helped spur me forward to keep making Widgetsmith better and better. This update is the next step in that process with two big aims:
    - iPad support has been dramatically improved, supporting the new Extra Large widget size and the adding of widgets directly on your home screen (on compatible devices)
    - The Album widget has also been overhauled and is now much easier to find the photos you want to display
    - It also adds a lot of general compatibility and performance improvements.

    Thank you!v2.6.2This is a small bug fix update addressing a possible crash that was introduced in the last update.

    New in 2.6:
    ? Major upgrade to the Photos tool. It how lets you easily browse your photo library and when you find that perfect photograph add it add a widget with a single tap.
    ? I also changed the default widget type to Photo
    ? Fixes a bug relating to the default location getting stuck on an old value.
    ? Lots of low level fixes that should make the app more stable.
    ? New Beach Artwork


    • 手機掃描下載

    • 系統要求:Android 4.0 或更高版本

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